Law Firm Englert & Jablonski

Established in 2000, our main office is located in the city center of Offenburg. The second office is located in the city center of Freiburg - both cities in Soutern Germany, close to the borders with Switzerland and France.

Our office is giving cost-effective legal-assistance to assert legal rights, to secure justice and financial compensation for damages and injuries and to enforce and prosecute all kinds of claims throughout Germany, Italy and Spain. 

We are also representing clients at court and pursue appeals and advise our clients at every stage of their business development, from start-up and financing through expansion and sale. 

Our field of activities is the complete scope of German Law as well as European Economic and Commercial Law.

The focal points of our business are:

  • commercial law
  • criminal law including juvenile offences
  • family law 
  • employment law
  • law of associations
  • law on travelling
  • car accident law